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I am a good person. I vote. I pay my taxes. Why do I need to do anything more?

Most people reading this can relate with these questions.

Have you sometimes experienced an unexpected help from an absolute stranger? Or been in a situation where you wished someone would help you?

If yes..then you have your answers to why be an India Positive Citizen ?

Can a family or community be built by people merely transacting with each other? No. Neither can a nation – which is an extended community.

India Positive is not about writing out a big cheque. It is about consciously doing something every week for India. The action can be small or big, individual or collective. The invitation is to do it consistently.

As you hold the intention to be India Positive you will be amazed at the opportunities to be of service. You will walk familiar paths with different eyes.

Don’t look for acknowledgement. It may or may not be forthcoming. That in any case not the goal.
When you give, you also receive. The satisfaction and joy is immense. The person you help benefits. The nation benefits. Everyone wins, especially you.

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